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Ivalojoki wilderness experience​

This river tour offers real experiences in nature. The 70 km strech from Kuttura to Ivalo, through Hammastunturi Wilderness Area is decorated with dozens of rapids. This region was the secene of the Gold Rush in Finland, on the end of the 1800’s. Canoe paddling and hiking days altering, and only you and the nature is around. You must forget many city life things, like mobile phone, but don’t miss sauna and may experience other unique surprises of Nature. Overnights we spend mostly in wilderness huts and shelters, but tent is in use as well. The tour is also suitable for beginners with our guide. Please check on the “Events” page for scheduled tours.

Experienced tourers can depart their own, with our tour consultancy.

Duration: 8 days

Technical demand: middlevel​

Physical demand: fair

Group size: 5-9 people (min->max)

Price: 880 € / person (incl: Ivalo Airport shuttle, paddling equipment, daily three meals plus snacks, guidance on water and on land, overnights in wilderness huts where possible.)

NOT Inlcluding personal clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather, pre- and post tour nights.

Day 1: Arrival in Ivalo & welcome dinner

The first day of the trip is spent calming down and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Depending on the plane schedule, it is possible to visit nearby attractions. In the evening we get to know each other, go through all the necessary equipment and route for a joint welcome dinner.

Day 2: Kuttura – Kultala

The next morning we head towards the village of Kuttura with about 27 inhabitants. Before leaving for the river, we pack the canoes and enjoy a snack. In order to reach the headquarters of the Finnish Gold Rush, Kultala, we paddle 25 different rapids on the first day.

Day 3: Up to the fells

We pack the goods for one day and set off to climb up the fells, which offer great views of Lapland. In the evening, we will teach you coping skills, after which the evening will culminate in a relaxing sauna.

Day 4: Ritakoski

The next kayaking section includes dozens of rapids with a total length of about 25 kilometers. The day ends at 1,400 meters long Ritakoski.

Day 5: Hiking Day

There are a few significant memories of the gold rush period near Ritakoski that you can explore.

Day 6: Excavator

There will be a short kayaking section, after which we will make an easy hike enjoying the silence.

Day 7: Ivalo

We leave early in the morning to paddle. The kayaking trip is relatively long, although we only paddle in a few rivers. If we stay well on schedule, we will have some time to explore interesting places. In the evening we arrive in Ivalo.

Day 8: Departure home

After breakfast, together we put all the supplies neatly ready for the next group. After saying goodbye and reminiscing about a wonderful trip, your journey continues to the airport.

We can enrich the program of the batch trip with culinary experiences, gold rush, and other elements of local history and culture.

Welcome to experience something unique!